About us

Wondfo Biotech Switzerland is an International Manufacturer & Distributor of all types of Healthcare products such as
 - Pure Vitamin C powder, ready packed ( our brand or private label) for OTC marketing.
- Food Supplements Tablets, slow release Pellets, Hard Capsules and Softgels, such as Multi-Vitamin A-Z, 
Calcium, Magnesium, Glucosamine-Chondroitin-Collagen, Omega 3, Omega 3-6-9, CLA, vision support softgels, etc.
 - Nose spray (several formula) in case of dry nose mucosa, for OTC marketing, CE gargle & mouth spray (mild antiseptic herbals spray)
 - Fertility test kits, including Pregnancy test, Ovulation test, Menopause test based on Strip, Cassette and Midstream formats.
 - Digital Thermometers
 - Pregnancy care products, including Ovulation test, Pregnancy test, Vitamin B9 Tabs, Iron tabs, Multivitamins, stretch marks prevention creams, etc.
All the products are available for attractive packing, with Life-Light Brand or Private Labels.
We have our own International R& D center for Healthcare formulations, Nose/Mouth Spray formulations and Cosmetic formulations in Bern, Switzerland.
All our partners & customers are free to choose our current products or provide their own demand for OEM supply, including the customized formulation of food supplements and special sensitivity or cut off level request of rapid test kits, based on our strong R&D and production arrangement capability.
Wondfo Biotech Switzerland can offer a very fast full service
- formula development for health care products (incl. the needed regulatory affairs)
- product design
- manufacturing / packaging (incl. container/ sales paper box/ multi-pack tray design & manufacturing)
- door to door (DDP) transportation in EU territory
- close after-sale service always
Every step from the raw material to finished products is totally done according to Swiss quality control and EU standard, even including the printing and quality of the packing material.
Wondfo Biotech Switzerland always has the higher inner standard of quality control to make sure all our partner can get better products for better marketing in a long term.
Our head office is located in Bern, Switzerland, branches in several countries, which is helpful to combine all the resources together
 Wondfo Biotech Switzerland - Your next generation healthcare products supplier