Slimming Caps CLA + CGA     softgels

For a lean figure:     Softgel caps

CLA 750 mg + CGA 50 mg (CGA chlorogenic acid from green coffee extract)


•   A lean and elegant figure can affect positively the joy of life,

     the wellbeing and the self-confidence. A sensible and balanced

     diet and regular exercise is important.

•   In addition, natural food supplements such as CLA + CGA  

     support on the way to the individual desired weight.


•   CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a nutritionally high quality,

     unsaturated fatty acid. The supply of CLA can reduce body fat

     and muscle content.

•   The reduced ability to store body fat and muscle building is



•   Chlorogenic acid inhibits the hydrolysis of the glucose - reduce

     the absorption of new glucose.